In 1978 like-minded and dynamic representatives met in Srinagar with an aim to establish an association of all field medical representatives working for various pharma companies across the length and breadth of J&K state. These like-minded people had a vision based on ethics to promote work-culture and fight all the exploitative forces which were hell bent upon destroying the ethics of pharma industry. the organisation was named as JKMSRA with its head office at Srinagar near Sheetal Xray clinic Karan Nagar. One sub unit was formed at Jammu.

JKMSRA was registered by labor department under registration number 676 later on Jammu Medical representative association came into existence and registration 676 was transferred to the same unit. In 2009 KMRA was registered by labour department under registration no 1456. KMRA has 3 subunits located at Anantnag, Sopore and Pulwama respectively.